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Education for Good: Graduate Degrees

January 11, 2013 | By | 3 Comments">3 Comments

This blog post is a continuation of the series: Education for Good. See the first post in the series: Education for Good: Undergraduate Degrees

Students interested in pursuing graduate degree’s for good tend to pursue master’s degrees in Nonprofit Management, Public Administration, Social Work or Business. However, there are many other graduate degree programs such as Master’s in Public Policy, Arts Administration, Museum Studies, Sociology that also have a “for good” emphasis.

The issue I’ve had is there isn’t one specific site that lists ALL these graduate degrees for good.

Roseanne Mirabellla’s website lists Nonprofit Management education graduate degree programs.

The National Association for Schools of Public Affairs Administration provides a directory of schools that offer Master’s of Public Administration, Master’s of Public Affairs and Master’s of Public Policy.

The Council on Social Work Education provides a directory of accredited schools that offer a Master’s of Social Work.

I have yet to find a directory that lists ALL the business schools that offer MBA’s with a social enterprise concentration. There have been several articles about the “best social entrepreneurship programs.”

The Smithsonian provides a list of schools that offer graduate degrees in Museum Studies.

The association of Arts Administration Education provides a list of schools that offer graduate degrees in Arts Administration.

Let me know what lists I’ve missed. I am sure there are many other “for good” graduate degree programs out there!!

  • Mark A Hager

    H:  I think Rosanne’s list is broader than you give credit for.  There aren’t many freestanding nonprofit management programs… I’m in one at Arizona State, and there’s the big one at Indiana U.  So, under “degree” on Roseanne’s site, most/many of the programs look to be in the kinds of  departments/schools you mention.  Eg, under public administration, there are a couple dozen schools listed.

  • Heather Carpenter

    From Heather Carpenter:

    Mark:  Thanks for your comment! Yes, Roseanne’s website is great but is not meant to be comprehensive under the definition of “for good”. The programs listed on her website are programs with a nonprofit concentrations and nonprofit courses.  I define “for good” much broader and would include all MPA and MSW programs. I’d also include the many MBA programs that have a social enterprise specialization.  :)

  • Veda Coates

    I work for a nonprofit organization in Birmingham AL, known as JBS Mental Health Authority. I graduated in 2004 from UAB with a Masters in Health Education. And would like to know if I qualify for the loan forgiveness program. Be sure to reply back at your earliest convenience for more information, thank you. Ms. Veda L. Coates